What is UserXpress?

UserXpress transforms SAP User Management, saving valuable time and money by streamlining a range of everyday tasks. With UserXpress, you can:

  • Leverage a customizable global user table to eliminate manually logging on to multiple clients and systems.
  • Quickly and efficiently meet everyday reporting and provisioning needs.
  • Manage tens of thousands of users from one tidy screen.
  • Search for users in real time, with immediate results.
  • Report on IDs using an intuitive, query-building interface.

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Over the course of his many years working with a host of mid- to large-sized companies, 1905's founder noticed significant gaps in SAP system management: The larger the number of systems involved, the more time managers had to spend on a variety of tasks, including user management.  He set to work creating a lightweight, easy-to-use user management application that didn’t increase management overhead as SAP customers’ systems increased in number. And so, UserXpress, 1905’s flagship product, was conceived. Today UserXpress provides simple, seamless SAP user management that has transformed the process into one characterized by speed, efficiency, and elegance.

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Can UserXpress Do This?

  • Connect to any number of systems?
  • Manage tens of thousands of users?
  • Search users instantly, including with complex queries?
  • Perform actions on one or more users at the same time?
  • Work with CUA?
  • Create users en masse?
  • Assign Roles to users?
  • Create ranged users such as PERFTST_01, PERFTST_02, etc. easily?
  • Maintain all change history locally on each system?
  • Install in minutes?

UserXpress vs CUA

    CUA UserXpress
Installation Initial setup effort Extensive initial setup is required. (May take a day or longer.) None. Installs in minutes.
Adding more clients Requires more effort to include a new client in CUA (half a day). Several seconds.
Planning Requires significant planning before deployment, i.e. what is centrally administered and what is locally administered. Requires no planning.
Operation Change history Full change history is only available when viewing log ons to both master and child systems. All history stored on local SAP system.
Create multiple users across multiple systems Requires multiple iterative runs of SU01 for each user to be created. Using the batch user process, thousands of users can be created easily across many systems and clients.
Reporting Only allows for management of users. Administrator must use local reporting mechanisms. Real time reporting against global user table.
High level view of all users in estate N/A Allows all users in global user table.
Full user maintenance Can only be fully maintained through master and child systems. Full user administration conducted locally.
Enhancements None. Development stopped in 2003. Continuously updated with new functionality to support more of SAP’s solutions.
Criticality It is a single point of failure. If CUA server is unavailable, full user administration is not available. Because it is installed locally, there is no impact to any SAP system.
Action Duration Subject to ALE/IDOC setup and queue processing. All operations are conducted against the users in their own clients. Operations take an average of a second or less.
Performance Impact Depending on configuration, CUA can be the cause of bottlenecks. None.

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With the 'Multiple Change' option in the UserXpress main menu, many activities can be run against multiple users simultaneously, saving valuable time. For example, SAP recommends that you do not delete users, but rather that you lock him or her, apply a 'Valid To' date from the past, and remove all roles and profiles as well as deactivating the password. But with UserXpress, you can combine all of these tasks into one action and apply them to one or more users across many systems and clients.

UserXpress features over 30 functions that can be run against one or more users at a time, including:

  • Create users
  • Assign roles to users
  • Lock/unlock users
  • Set initial/productive passwords
  • Deactivate passwords
  • Send messages to online users
  • Log off online users
  • Manage SNC assignments
  • Remove roles/profiles
  • Assign security polices
  • Assign reference user to user IDs
  • Change license type
  • Change/set validity dates
  • Copy users from system to system
  • Copy users from client to client
  • Manage parameter IDs for users
  • Assign Work Center Details
  • Change or assign a users alias
  • Set email address
  • Change Company Name assignment
  • Change the user type (Dialog, System etc.)
  • Assign a Cost Center
  • Assign an Accounting Number
  • Change a users defaults (Date Format etc.)