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We've launched!

Submitted by 1905 Team on Tue, 08/09/2015 - 12:46

At 1905, we are delighted to unveil our flagship product, UserXpress. We designed the product to be transformative in that it will relieve SAP security analysts of hours spent on user management tasks, and we hope our customers enjoy using the product as much as we enjoyed creating it.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the UserXpress backstory—the “ah ha!” moment that explains how the product came to be.

A few years ago, I returned from a vacation hiking in the Dolomites to my job as an SAP Basis consultant. The company I was working for at the time had 70 SAP systems and 130 clients, and over the course of my wonderful vacation, I forgot my passwords. I had to send an email to the Security Team with a list of systems and their clients in which I had a user ID to have my password reset and the ID unlocked, but even worse, I had to send similar follow up emails because I couldn’t remember all the systems and clients I needed access to. What a headache.

And that experience got me thinking: What if I could reset all of my passwords in one go? Within a couple of days, I was envisioning an application that could make that possible. The idea started to divide and get bigger and bigger, like dividing bacteria (in the best sense!). Before long what started as “I’d like to be able to change my user passwords all at once, any time” became a vision for an entire user management system.

I tapped my software engineering background and started coding. And here we are today, with a full-fledged application that not only eases SAP password management but transforms the tedium of SAP user management.

Our customers might be interested to know that I didn’t just come at this as an SAP Basis consultant—I myself was an SAP Security Analyst years ago back when I worked for IBM. I’m intimately acquainted with how frustrating it can be to spend hours on SAP user management. You know that time and money is being wasted, and you know that there has to be a solution, if only someone would come up with it.