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Thank You!

Submitted by 1905 Team on Sat, 16/01/2016 - 13:25

2016 is already starting off to be a great year! Happy New Year, everyone!!

It's been an intense few months - but oh-boy is it all worth it!!!!

Since we've launched we've been both dazed, shocked and thoroughly delighted (in all equal measures!) for the praise we've received for UserXpress - especially in so little time since our launch!

The reaction has been both humbling and invigorating. We can't thank our users enough for trusting us with UserXpress - not just helping them with their day to day user management, but also with some of their more critical work.

As far away as Germany, India and Ireland, we have SAP Security Analysts leveraging UserXpress to manage 100's of thousands of SAP Users over 100's of Clients on nearly as many Systems.

We knew UserXpress was a fantastic tool for streamlining user management but the feedback would indicate it's saving SAP Security Analysts more time than we originally anticipated. Hours and hours of work have been reduced to minutes. We've received particular praise for the FastCopy capability with analysts reducing their user provisioning process time from hours to minutes. We're confident that you'll soon see equal benefit in other capabilities UserXpress has to offer.

We would like to thank all our of customers and partners for the trust they've placed in us and we're really looking forward to working with you more - especially in understanding more of your pain points and concerns with user management - and hopefully, we can streamline those for you too!

If you want to share any thoughts, ideas or stories - please, send us a note to

Again, we'd like to wish our customers and partners a Happy New Year and we'll be in touch real soon!

1905 Team