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A Quick Q&A on Installing UserXpress

Submitted by 1905 Team on Mon, 06/05/2019 - 09:08

Is it really that easy to install UserXpress? (And other questions!)

Yes, it is.
We made it simple and fast purposely.
We want to save you time and we want to make things easier for you.
That’s the whole premise and reason why we created UserXpress – to save you time.
During a series of demonstrations over the summer, we noticed a recurring couple of questions coming up from our audience. We thought it would be useful to share those questions and answers here with you.
If you have any questions of your own, please send them to and we’ll gladly answer them for you!

So how and where does UserXpress install?

A. It installs directly on your workstation – your PC or laptop. It takes 30 seconds to install (depending on speed of your PC and internet). Watch this real-time video of the install.
It then takes 2 minutes to do the initial setup and login. Watch this real-time setup.
Initially, you spend a few minutes logging into each of your clients with your own User Id and password and selecting the “Auto-Start” option. Subsequent times you logon, you can skip this step completely.

Do you have to do anything on my SAP Systems?

No. There are no Transports, no Changes and no Repairs required on any of your SAP systems. UserXpress works right out of the box.

Why are there no Transports (or Changes or Repairs) required?

SAP Provides an easily accessible API for Identity Management within the NetWeaver stack and that’s what we use.

How does the application access the API?

UserXpress also uses Theobald Software’s certified SAP interface which allows us to seamlessly connect to any SAP NetWeaver-based system.

How does the application know what systems are available?

UserXpress retrieves available systems from your SAP Logon Pad configuration file (saplogon.ini or SAPUILandscape.xml)

Hopefully that clears up any doubts you had over how easy it is to install!

Thank you,

The 1905 Team