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The Back Story on UserXpress

Submitted by 1905 Team on Sun, 03/03/2019 - 19:10

You are away on vacation or out of the office for an extended period of time and when you get back to work you have forgotten all of your SAP passwords. By the way – this is the sign of a great vacation!

So you send a request to the SAP Security team asking them to reset your password in all relevant clients . A day goes by. Maybe even 2 days go by. You can’t get any work done. You are waiting. Finally, three days later your request is completed.

Sound familiar? I think we’ve all been there.

We all know the delay is in no way the fault of the SAP Security team. It’s because in SAP, day to day SAP user management tasks are cumbersome, time consuming and often frustrating.

The above workflow might go something like this:

Logon to a system, start SU01, enter an ID, click Change Password, enter a new password click save. Take a look at transaction SCC4 to see what other clients the password needs to be reset. Logon to another client, start SU01...

Then do it all over again for another system. And another, and another... Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Well, this same scenario happened to our founder, time and time again as he was doing SAP consulting around the world. He’d invariably go back to customer sites where he would have forgotten his passwords, and each time 1-2 days would be wasted.

Frustrated by this and knowing there must be a more efficient way to handle resetting passwords, he began to research it. Having a background in software engineering, he found a way and wrote a small application to reset all SAP Ids on all systems and clients. His customer was thrilled.

That was the start of UserXpress. From there, it grew. More features and capabilities were added:

Create Users

Assign roles

Deactivate passwords

Assign SNC

Lock/Unlock users

Set initial/productive passwords

(You can view the full list here:

And before he knew it, he had a full application with over 30 features that allowed the Security Analyst to view, access and work with all users id's from all clients and all systems - from one screen. All right there at his fingertips.

1905’s development team are continually adding new functionality, new features, growing the application. Making the lives of SAP Security teams a little bit easier and saving them time – time they can now use to devote to their most pressing projects.

Analysts around the world are now using UserXpress. And they all say the same thing “Finally, a product that fills the gaps of CUA and GRC. I’ve been searching for this product my entire SAP career.”

The 1905 Team