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How UserXpress Handles Security

Of course security is of paramount importance to all companies  – and understandably so.  In this blog we will talk about security within UserXpress, how UserXpress communicates with your SAP systems, how it accesses the data, manages change history and more.

Key Points

A Quick Q&A on Installing UserXpress

Is it really that easy to install UserXpress? (And other questions!)
Yes, it is.
We made it simple and fast purposely.
We want to save you time and we want to make things easier for you.
That’s the whole premise and reason why we created UserXpress – to save you time.
During a series of demonstrations over the summer, we noticed a recurring couple of questions coming up from our audience. We thought it would be useful to share those questions and answers here with you.

The Back Story on UserXpress

You are away on vacation or out of the office for an extended period of time and when you get back to work you have forgotten all of your SAP passwords. By the way – this is the sign of a great vacation!

So you send a request to the SAP Security team asking them to reset your password in all relevant clients . A day goes by. Maybe even 2 days go by. You can’t get any work done.  You are waiting.  Finally, three days later your request is completed.

Sound familiar?  I think we’ve all been there. 

'Sales-Free' Demo?

We advertise and talk about on Social media how here at 1905 we do a ‘sales-free’ demo. What does that mean exactly?

First of all, our demo’s are not given by sales or marketing people. They are given by a technical person from our team – either a developer or a member of our technical support team.  The technical person has no training, experience or frankly desire to be involved with sales or marketing. 

Mass User Create

You only have to google "Mass User Create for SAP" and you'll find plenty of ideas on how to create those hundreds of users you agreed to for the that all new and important project.

You think LSMW is the silver bullet and then you see how much detail is required to set it up. Sigh!

Then, you might re-think eCATT - but again, your heart slightly sinks when you realize the effort involved especially with the number of clients and systems the users have to be created in.

Role Assignment

Several weeks ago, we started an exercise in looking to understand what features we needed to add to UserXpress that would save you even more time in your day-to-day tasks as a Security Analyst.

We had an idea. 

You also, had an idea. (Thank you for feedback!)

And, funnily enough - they were both the same. 

As of now, UserXpress now supports Role Assignment!

Milestone Reached!

As a proud member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® Program, 1905 announces they have just been awarded SAP Silver Partner status.

This privilege allows us access to SAP's wide portfolio of tools and services that will further enable us to create new solutions while enhancing our current set.

The award is a recognition by SAP that 1905 has shown commitment to the high standards needed to acquire and sustain SAP Silver Partner status.

Over the last the few months 1905 has been engaged with SAP articulating who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Real Example of UserXpress

Hi There!

The weather outside has certainly improved since our last chat! April it seems was the warmest April on record and we’re heating up our lab with some testing of the next version of UserXpress – but more on that with a later post!!

Early last week we received an email from an SAP Security Analyst that had a potential time-intensive exercise ahead of her, a mind numbing exercise of creating 3,200 test user ID’s on two SAP systems.

UserXpress Communication Model

Over the last couple of months we've received a few emails asking how UserXpress works and why there's no need for any transports or configuration changes. In our UserXpress FAQ, we touched on how this is accomplished and we thought it might be best to go into more detail and explain how end-to-end communication is achieved and why UserXpress is so effective in what it does.

Why is there no need for Transports?


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